Announcement: Our first coffee import arrived!

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Hello Everyone!

Esteban here and I am super excited to announce, that the coffee from our Farm and the Trinidad Farm, our dear neighbors in Santo Domingo just arrived in Berlin! I went down to the BER Airport myself to pick up the small first shipment after the customs release and loaded it up into a small van to take it to the roastery in the north of Berlin.

Photo by Esteban Lopera

Now, as the coffee waits patiently to be roasted, we are developing excellent roast profiles for you and will be happy to receive feedback on how you liked the taste and aroma of our coffee when it arrives at your homes in mid-April to continue improving. If you are wondering about our delivery deadline we placed at mid-April, here are our next steps:
First we are going to have a couple of test-roasts for our Filter and Espresso coffees, cup them to see what we can improve, rinse and repeat and then go into our first production roast. Once that roast is done, coffee needs around a week of de-gassing, until its aromas have fully developed, and you get the best tasting cup from that particular roast.

During that time, we will package and fill up your bags and prepare them to be shipped to your homes all around in Europe. We are super excited and grateful to have you as our first customers and want to start a conversation around coffee with you!
If you have any Thoughts, Feedback on the roasts you try at home and want to get in touch, just reach me at, our Instagram @vidacoffeeroastery or through the contact form, here on our website!

Happy brewing and take your time for good coffee!
Esteban Lopera Corredor

Banner Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash

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